Hike Tip: Saadia River

A highly recommended trip, but also heart-wrenching due to the danger posed to the place due to the neglect, pollution and advanced development plans.

We started the tour from the offices of the Carmel Tunnels at Check Post. This is an incredible potential site for a wall-type complex, due to the huge concrete pillars of the bridge. We toured along several springs in the area.

We passed through the swamp area which is not impressive in the summer, but according to Eric it is most worth walking in the winter, when it comes alive. Along the stream, which this year has a water flow similar to the large streams of the Upper Galilee, we saw an impressive variety of stream vegetation and animals including the nutria, which is an invasive species. We discovered the highlight at the end – a small spring and next to it a large pond with a bridge, where the local people cultivate ornamental fish – huge carp.







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