Former members

Dr. Revital Goldschmidt

Specialty: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Life Sciences, Master’s Degree (MSc) in Neurobiology, Doctorate (PhD) in Biotechnology

Facebook: Revital Goldschmidt

Olga Rybak

Past NGO roles: CEO 01-02.2017

Specialty: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology

Facebook: Olga Rybak

Alina Lieberman

Past NGO roles: Spokeswoman 13.8.2016-14.03.2018

Maor Zlotzever

Past NGO roles: Audit Committee 08.12.2015-13.03.2018, Resource Recruitment 01-02.2017

Attila Pircek

Past NGO roles: Co-founder, Audit Committee 10.12.2014-12.2015

Ofir Alon R.I.P.

Past NGO roles: Co-founder, Board of Directors 12.2014-2016, Treasurer 10.12.2014-2016

Yuval Bar

Past NGO roles: Co-founder