Nature Protection

Yarok Balev NGO is leading nature protection initiatives in Haifa, and supports any activity which goes hand in hand with the NGO Spirit. Among the leading struggles that Yarok Balev NGO supported in recent years:

  • Haifa Wadis Trail – the flagship project of Yarok Balev NGO
  • Haifa Wadis Master Plan – Yarok Balev NGO has been a member of the steering committee of the project since its inception, and we works to assimilate our vision in the municipal project.
  • Salamanders Conservation – We lead research, information and formulation of public policy for the conservation of salamanders in the nature in the municipality of Haifa
  • Heritage & Nature Trail on top of Mount Carmel – We support and promote the tourism project for the preservation of the WWI &WWII fortifications in the Carmel Park
  • Goats’ Hill – We fiercely object the municipal plan to construct a new neighborhood on Haifa’s largest remaining natural area, which would detach the municipal nature core from the Mount Carmel Biosphere Reserve.
  • Ramat Alon Park – We protect the nature between Haifa, Nesher, the Technion and Haifa University, and enabling hiking accessibility to it.
  • Ramat Hadar Hill – We support Ramat Hadar residents’ struggle to protect the last natural open space in the neighborhood.
  • Technion Woods – We continuously reported to the authorities of the damage caused from the deforestation activity in the Technion Woods since 2014.
  • Haifa University Woods – In the year 2014 we reported to the authorities of the illegality of the deforestation activity being performed without permits and on-site inspectors.