Ofir Alon (Elbaum) R.I.P.

Ofir was born on 1988 in Kiryat Motzkin to Gila and Avy Elbaum. At the age of 2 he moved with his family to the community village Koranit of Misgav Regional Council in the Western Galilee, where his brother Amir and sister Eilat were born. As a self-taught, Ofir had many hobbies, including computers, chess, bridge, and computer strategy games, dungeons & dragons and ball games (football, table tennis and basketball). Most Ophir kept busy indulging in pleasure even when adult. Ali liked to study gifted Center in Karmiel, day of the week from grade to 10th grade. Ali joined the hanoar haoved vehalomed youth in fourth grade when you nest chornit apprentice, by common thyme and neighbors. He continued in traffic until I became an instructor, a role done faithfully for three years, until grade 12. Ophir, mentored mixed groups of Jews and Arabs in the nest. Ophir was an apprentice in a mixed camp sunshine, a camp for Jews and Arabs, and later in the Guide. Ophir was a multidisciplinary and learn more and more. Studying in high school turned many subjects, including Chemistry, physics, literature, theatre, history, math, English. During this period he established with a Danish school newspaper, to give a platform to the voice of the students. Ali liked the Hebrew language and wrote many works, poems, plays and short stories. In 2006 joined the Israel Defense Forces, he studied for a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in economics from Haifa University’s Middle East within the army, became an officer of the school and has served in several roles as an officer in the Navy budgets. During his army service Ofir graduated degree (MA) in dealing with emergency situations in the Department of geography at the University of Haifa. Toward the end of his military service Ofir moved to Haifa, athaliah that senior officers course. In October 2013, the couple married and together the name of their new family. Ophir out of permanent jobs as captain in April 2014 and put all his strength, abilities and talents to many.

Ophir’s quest for social justice, fraternity and equality of rights for all lives, was already expressed during early life as a volunteer of Hanoar HaOved VeHaLomed in Misgav.  Ofir was founded, led, and volunteered for many social and environmental organizations, including Anonymous Association for animal rights HaPoel Katamon Jerusalem F.C., Meretz Party, The Social TV, Yarok Balev NGO, Green Courser, Bustan Nof Meshutaf, S.P.N.I., Oranim Radio ChannelFilter Radio Program, Board Games Group in Haifa and the Krayot, Social Cooperative HaAssam and many more.

During the summer of 2014 Ofir took part in Rainbow of Hope at Bustan Nof Meshutaf near Mizpeh Aviv along with a group of youngsters from all over the world, including Jews and Arabs from Israel. During the program the participants lived together in an outdoor garden, learn about the different cultures which came on the conflicts in their countries and ways to solve them, and built an amusement device shaped like a rainbow serving residents of the Galilee and the orchard.
After Ophir program continued to volunteer at Orchard mkrvot activities among populations in the Galilee and later ran the whole Orchard activities, fundraising, volunteers from abroad and during their stay in the orchard.

Ofir led concentrating volunteer megama yeruka. in Haifa and for improving air quality in Haifa and its surroundings, participate in discussions on industry expansion plans, toxify lectures to raise awareness among local residents and organizing demonstrations.

Ofir founded the Green Heart Association along with six other members in 2014, and has served on the Executive Committee of the Association and Treasurer of the Association and promoted her public activities and operated for the benefit of the continued retention of urban nature. Ofir led walks in Haifa’s most challenging wadis, University volunteers to rehabilitate, trails represent the Foundation in municipal committees, recruited dozens of volunteers and donations needed for operations and the Green Association website.

In Ophir slated for 2016 began working as a young Youth Centre Society for the protection of nature in Haifa and was responsible for the cruisers, the volunteer service in Haifa and the adult class. Also as part of the work existing in Ofir taught 10th grade at school in Kiryat Ata, Rogozin and together planned the establishment of second hand store.

Ofir also worked as a teacher for children in Kiryat Motzkin, in enrichment of the Western Galilee College, where he taught them to economic thinking.

Ophir was an educator who made entries and connections between people and partnerships active in these various organizations, yet pleasantly, discreetly and out of respect for others.

On Monday 27 June 2016 Ofir was killed in a car accident while driving his car from his home in Haifa to Bustan Nof Meshutaf near Mizpeh Aviv אבי”ב. 28 and three days.

May he rest in peace